Third Annual Meet the Bobcats Youth Hockey & Figure Skating Fundraiser Outi

For questions or assistance please contact the office or the Bobcat Hockey Hotline

Office: Russell - 701-222-3300 x18
Hotline: 701-390-7422

Thanks for supporting Bismarck Hockey Players and Figure Skaters!  You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon registration and for all of your registrations and sponsorship signups.

Return Policy:

If both days are canceled you will be allowed to choose to contribute your fees to the cause or otherwise get a full refund.   If you are unable to attend the rain day the 17th vs. 16th we would prefer you perhaps find a friend to take your spot. 

Billing Information:
Your credit card will be charged by Bobcat Hockey. The descriptor "BOBCAT HOCKEY" will appear by the charge on your credit card statement.  If you need to write a Company check you may do so upon your registration by calling Mae at 701-222-3300 or 701-390-7422.  We are trying to make registration and administration easy so if able to register online would be great.

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